What We Do

We are working on decarbonizing the transport sector with green fuels and electrical cars. Our focus is to advise companies with the green transition of the transport sector. We are also able to facilitate the contact between your company and Aalborg University and through that create strong partnerships. Other than that, we have an increased focus on the testing of vehicles running on green fuel. Our mission is to secure a stable and secure transition to green fuels.

Passenger transport have received most of the attention when it comes to a greener transport sector. Our center has an ambition about creating solutions, that works for the entire transport sector. For example, is one of our focusses the heavy transport and secure solutions that run smoothly. 

How do we succeed?

Our road to a greener transport sector will succeed, because of our ability to connect knowledge from the university with different players from the industry. We will create strong partnerships and be the leading center when it comes to green fuels. Our location in Denmark will contribute to testing the green energy in a positive way and create sustainable and durable solutions.